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STEEL-TECH provides comprehensive solution of technology cold pressing and filtration of vegetables oils.      


Our technology presents full automated process which produce oil the best qualilty. Rest oil in expelers we guaranteeing till 12%.


To achievment the most efficient solutions our technology, is since 1990 heart of our technology press, produce by company Maschinenfabrik Reinartz GmbH & Co. KG.                                                                                                 At same time is our company exclusive agency to delivery of technology cold pressing and filtration of vegetables oil, which are realized in Middle and Easth Europe by Maschinenfabrik Reinartz GmbH & Co. KG.

On basic our knowledges and requirements Maschinenfabrik Reinartz GmbH & Co. KG. our company developed universal therm conveyor, which  provide constant temperature of entrencing material to press.                            Heating of pressing material is possible regulate by temperature heating medium and/or by time which is material spend in conveyor.                       You can decrease rest oil in expelers from 2 till 4% by using this conveyor.

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